1850 N-17 R4 PCGS MS65                     $1750

Frosty light bluish steel brown with generous traces of faded mint red, mostly on the obverse. The surfaces are satiny and highly lustrous. The only defect is a small patch of carbon dust at the dentils under star 1. MDS, die state b. Some of the obverse die lines are still visible and there is a faint die crack on the rim from star 6 to star 8 outlining where a large rim cud is forming. A really interesting intermediate die state for this tough variety.

Ex J. R. Grellman Collection 1/6/1990-Wes Rasmussen, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 2/8/1998:307-R. S. Brown, Jr., McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 6/2/2002:828-Daniel W. Holmes, Jr., McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 1/30/2011:409-Doug Durasoff, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 1/25/2015:765-Fred Iskra Collection

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