1853  N-19  R1  MS65                $3250 



Repunched 853. Lustrous mint red shifting to steel and light olive on the highpoints, about 80% of the bright mint color remaining. There are numerous microscopic specks of dark steel toning scattered over both sides, the largest of these near the hair under the right edge of star 7. A horizontal nick between star 6 and the dentils above is the only sign of contact. LDS, die state c. The repunching on the 3 is clear but it is gone on the 8 & 5. The obverse is badly misaligned to K-9 while the reverse is properly centered on the planchet. Called MS66 and CC#1 in the Noyes census, his photo #30716. Our grade is MS65+, tied for CC#1 in the Grellman census.


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