1848  N-25  R4  MS64                 $2750  




Attractive uniform light chocolate and steel with traces of faded mint color showing in some of the protected areas on both sides. The fields are covered with satiny mint frost and the eye appeal of this cent is excellent. The only marks on this cent are a small spot of reddish olive toning on the left edge of star 8 and a tiny planchet flake in the field well above the left side of the N in ONE, as struck. Nicely struck with full radial lines in all the stars and fully impressed devices on both sides. LDS, die state c. Crumbling connects the right base of the M in AMERICA to the leaf below and the top of the 1 in the date is connected to the bust by similar die crumbling. Called MS61 and CC#1 in the Noyes census, his photo #30458. Our grade is MS60+, tied for CC#1 in the Grellman census.




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