I have been a full time rare coin dealer for 30 years. It has been a great business. I have met many great people and made many friends.

  I specialize in Half Cents, Large Cents, and Colonials. Along the way I have had the privilege to help build some of the finest Half Cent and Large Cent collections ever assembled.

  Along with my auction partner, Bob Grellman, I have assisted in bringing to market several of the great collections formed over the last several decades including the Twin Leaf Collection and Collections formed by J.R. Frankenfield, Bill Weber, Robbie Brown, and Dan Holmes. Our auction arm, McCawley & Grellman Auctions, is widely considered to be the premier auctioneer of Early Copper in the country. We have held over 50 sales and will celebrate our 20th year of holding Early Copper auctions in 2011.  Bob Grellmanís cataloguing of these sales has established a high water mark in cataloguing excellence. Many collectors and dealers feel Bob has single handedly revolutionized the cataloguing  of specialized collections in the auction business. I am one of them. We presently are the official auctioneers for the Colonial Coin Collectors Club and the Early American Coppers Club. Our commercial sales are held in association with Ira and Larry Goldberg Auctions of Beverly Hills, CA.

  My educational background includes San Bernardino Valley College, a degree from the University of Oklahoma where I received the J. Clayton Feaver Award in Philosophy and a masterís degree in Theology from Loyola University of Chicago. I continue my post graduate education in the School of Hard Knocks. Running a small business has provided an occasional contribution to this ongoing education.

  I have been married for 31 years to Alice Victor-McCawley. She is the pretty voice on the answering machine and an occasional answerer of the business phone. I can say with certainty she is the hardest working member of our essentially mom and pop team.

  We have five children: Frank, 29, Glenn, 24, Jeff, 16, Jessica, 14, Colton, 12. Three dogs and a rotating menagerie  of snakes, birds, fish, etc. complete our residence; along with an extended group of semi-family members which includes some of you reading this.

  I travel to most major coin conventions and auctions and am a member of many numismatic organizations including the Professional Numismatists, Guild #397 and the American Numismatic Association, LM4304.  I am also a member of the Early American Coppers Club, the Colonial Coin Collectors Club, CSNS, FUN, TNA, ONA, NLG, and ANS.

  I love what I do and I take the covenant I make with my clients seriously. As opposed to just doing transactions, I am interested in forming an ongoing collecting relationship with my new clients. Please feel invited to contact me.